About discounts, promotions, and web hosting coupons. When we have a mismatch of stock / availability or simply just want to promote a particular... Do you allow Tor relays or exits? Yes, we do allow Tor Relays and Exit Relays per . Please make sure... Do you allow adult content? IncogNET allows the hosting of legal adult content in all regions except Finland.   Please make... Do you allow crypto mining? No, we do not. Crypto mining is strictly prohibited from our network as it puts an unfair and... Do you ignore DMCA requests? A question we sometimes receive is, "How do you handle DMCA requests?" and, "Will you suspend my... How do you respond to abuse complaints? As a service provider, we occasionally receive emails from 3rd party network monitors and... Is Torrenting / Seedboxes allowed? Yes, but only if you use private trackers. What are your hours of operation? IncogNET LLC is an American based business with a small but dedicated team to answer your support... What is your stance on free speech? "What is your company's stance on free speech?" is a question we're often asked. IncogNET is big... What payment methods do you accept? Fiat Currencies Accepted: $ USD - Default € EUR - Optional (Required for SEPA payments)... Where is IncogNET located? IncogNET is an American based company registered and actively operating as an LLC (... What is your refund policy? IncogNET offers a 48 hour refund period for all services paid via credit card or PayPal. At this...
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