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When we have a mismatch of stock / availability or simply just want to promote a particular service or location, we'll activate some promotions. Most of the promotions are limited in nature, only being active for a relatively short period of time. Existing customers may place a new order to take advantage of a promotion, but we do not alter existing orders and service plans to newer promotional plans for a variety of reasons, namely being that the price you pay at the start of your service was agreeable enough that you proceeded with your order. With that said, existing customers may place a new order to take advantage of these limited time offers and may cancel their existing service after transferring their data to the new plan. In some cases we may be able to assist with this process, in other cases you may be left to complete this task yourself. Please open a sales ticket if interested in learning more.

Unless otherwise specified, all discounts are recurring in nature. This means that a discount will be applied for the life of your service.

Discounts and promotions may be differ from website to website. We participate in several online communities and may offer a discount for one community that may be more attractive than a discount for another.

We also post discounts, promotions and coupon codes here: https://incognet.io/web-hosting-coupons


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