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"What is your company's stance on free speech?" is a question we're often asked.

IncogNET is big supporters of free speech and believe freedom of expression is something that should be available to all. Our business is operated apolitically and without internal political pressure to silence anyone, we are not judges of what is and what is not valid claims for free speech and we are prepared to defend these rights publicly.

We do ask that before you host content that may be controversial that you become familiar with the laws regarding speech in the country that you choose to activate your service in (Currently offering Finland, Netherlands and the United States) and that you make sure your published content falls within what THAT country allows. It is our opinion that the United States has the best free speech laws, however our European locations have decent free speech laws and privacy laws that may make it ideal for you depending on your use case. It is up to you to choose the location that is best suited for the content that you wish to publish.

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