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A question we sometimes receive is, "How do you handle DMCA requests?" and, "Will you suspend my server if you receive a DMCA take down notice?"

This is how we handle such requests when they're submitted to us for customers hosted in the Netherlands.

1.) We receive a notice that a customer on our network is hosting copyrighted material and the sender is requesting take down of said content.

2.) We forward the request to the customer.

3.) We respond to the request and let them know that their concern has been forwarded to the appropriate person for review.

That's it. We do not enforce or require customers to take down content that results in DMCA take down / removal notices, we simply forward them to you, the customer.

NOTE: For customers hosted in Finland, we will highly encourage you to move to the Netherlands if your content results in many DMCA complaints. We do not own our IP space in Finland and abuse complaints are logged through our datacenter before being sent to us. If we receive too many complaints from them then it stands to jeopardize our professional business relationship with them. When we officially launch our USA expansion, we will not be able to ignore DMCA requests there either. For all DMCA sensitive content, use our Netherlands location.

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