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Fiat Currencies Accepted:

  • $ USD - Default
  • € EUR - Optional (Required for SEPA payments)

Note: All prices are based on the US Dollar. Euro pricing is updated daily to reflect exchange rate changes.

Fiat Currency Payment Methods:

  • PayPal (No Subscription, single / manual payment)
  • PayPal (Subscription, automated recurring payments)
  • Stripe (Credit / Debit Card)
  • Stripe SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area, requires Euro currency to be selected)
  • Cash By Mail ( USD Only, contact us first )

Cryptocurreny Accepted: (Updated 07/19/2022)

  • BitCoin
  • LiteCoin
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • Doge
  • Oxen (Requires a ticket for processing)
  • ZCash (Requires a ticket for processing)

If you'd like to pay with an unsupported coin, please consider using a service such as https://changenow.io/ to convert into a coin we do accept.

Our previous crypto coin payment processor was CoinPayments.net, but due to them no longer providing service to US-based users or businesses, we and thousands of others had to find a new home. Instead of allowing ourselves to be put into a position where another exchange or merchant service could restrict our account or have negative impacts on our operation, we've decided to move the payment processing in-house via "IncogPay" (https://incogpay.com) which is based off the Open Sourced BTCPayServer ( https://btcpayserver.org ).

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