Invoicing issues

  • 25th August 2023
Because of an issue with WHMCS, the software we and many others use in the hosting industry, it seems a large number of customers have not received invoice notices. What we have observed is that the system generates the invoice automatically, as it should, but fails to complete the next step in automation which is to dispatch the invoice as an ...
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Delayed helpdesk responses

  • 24th December 2022
In the last week we have experienced tremendous staff illness which has caused increased delays in support queues, which were then followed by a strong winter storms and dangerously low temperatures making it difficult to work from home. There is a large backlog of requests and we are processing things as able. Today is Christmas Eve, tomorrow is ...
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Billing / Support Portal maintenance / planned downtime.

  • 4th September 2022
NOTICE: Our billing and support panel will be temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance / upgrades on Monday, September 5th for a couple of hours at most. Sorry for the inconvenience.The exact timing of this is not yet determined. This will not impact your service, it will only impact your ability to contact us, order new services or pay ...
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Important: Service impacting maintnance for all Netherlands KVM VPS customers.

  • 18th August 2022
This is an important notice that details some changes that will impact your service. Read below to learn about: Expected / planned downtime, IP address changes, more.   Question: What is happening?Answer: We are migrating all existing Netherlands VPSes to accommodate network changes.   Question: How will this impact my service?Answer: Each ...
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