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Updated March 9th, 2024

IncogNET LLC is a small, American owned and operated business. Our main customer base are those with some pre-existing level of experience and grasp of managing websites or servers. As such, we do not offer immediate support. We do not advertise or promise ultra fast, 15 minute response times, nor can we provide this service. Many companies that do offer this are able to do so by outsourcing to 3rd world countries with 3rd party support that respond to several, unaffiliated companies at once. To us, this is a security and privacy risk we will not consider. As a small business, we also can't afford to pay a trusted team an acceptable wage to monitor the helpdesk and jump on a ticket as soon as it arrives. Frankly, it's just not possible.

With that said, you're not without support.

We're still around at all odd hours of the day and night working on things. Tasks like processing orders, working on projects, maintaining and monitoring current infrastructure, following up with vendors and upstreams, "keeping the lights on", running updates, and more. On top of that, we're instantly alerted of any critical event that requires our immediate attention. If a host node goes offline, network drops, a drive fails, or some other event that would have widespread impact to users we're all alerted by email, phone/sms, Slack, etc. These events are responded to immediately and take the highest level of priority for response, no matter what else we're doing.


So, how long will it take for my support ticket to be answered?

Depends. Sometimes, it may be 10 minutes. It's not incredibly common but it's not unheard of. Sometimes (more likely) it may be 10 hours. It also may take a day or two for us to get to it, if it's deemed low priority. We are trying to be more prompt in responses but other tasks can take up a lot of our time.

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