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As a service provider, we occasionally receive emails from 3rd party network monitors and websites that indicate some level of abuse that has stemmed from our network. We review 100% of all abuse and complaints and in cases where it needs to be brought to the customer's attention for resolution we notify the customer of the received report and include it in our contact.

If the customer is unable or unwilling to resolve the issue then we may respond by blocking ports or suspending the server.

Things that are STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in account suspension if ignored:

  • Spam / Unsolicited bulk mailing.
  • Sending or participating in DoS, DDoS, slowloris or other related attacks to any target.
  • Scanning IP's, ranges, or individual websites for open ports.
  • Attempting to gain unlawful access into other websites, servers, networks, etc via password bruteforce, software exploits, etc.
  • Torrenting through public trackers. Torrenting is allowed only for those using private trackers.
  • Any other negative action that negatively impacts the quality of our network and/or assigned IP ranges.


For DMCA (wiki) and other copyright related notices, these will be forwarded to the customer for review.

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