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At the time of writing this ( 09/20/2021 ) end-users can only update the PTR or rDNS records themselves from our Netherlands locations and for IPv4 only. For Finland, please open a ticket and we will promptly set the record for you ourselves. This inconsistent access is due to us owning some of our IP addresses (We own our Netherlands IPv4 addresses), leasing IPv6 (with no direct access to set records for them) and leasing IPv4 in Finland. We are working on acquiring more IP assets to accommodate our growth and as we acquire more subnets more customers will be able to set these records themselves.

So, if your server is located in the Netherlands with us setting your rDNS is quite easy!

Step 1: Login to your VPS control panel here:

Step 2: Select, "Reverse DNS" from the sidebar menu.

Step 3: Select the IP address from the drop down menu that you want to set the record for. Take note that at the time of writing this that only IP addresses starting with 23.184.48.X will work with this method.

Step 4: Enter the FQDN / domain name for the record in the area below the IP address selection and then click, "Add Reverse DNS"

That's it!

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