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Free VPS Snapshot

All VPS services in the Netherlands come with an included single snapshot available to them which can be activated manually from your VPS control panel. We have decided to leave this an opt-in feature for our customers and the feature is completely optional. Unfortunately free VPS Snapshots are unavailable in Finland at this time.

From your VPS Control Panel you will see a, "Backups" link. If you do not see this link, please contact our support department. From that link you will be able to use the, "Backup Now" option to create a snapshot of your VPS as it is at the time. This is handy before making any big update or configuration change to your server and you want the ability to restore from a recent backup if needed. Depending on the size of the VPS the backup process may take up to an hour or more. The free VPS snapshot runs in a queue and on a low CPU priority, so please be patient. You should receive an email once the backup is complete.

To restore your VPS from a snapshot or to remove an old snapshot so that you may generate a more recent one, go to the, "Backups" link previously mentioned. The free snapshots are limited to one per VPS so you will only see one available option. Under the 'Actions' column will be two options, "Restore" and "Delete". Choose the appropriate option.

Paid VPS Snapshots

These are daily or weekly generated snapshots that are generated and stored offsite, outside of the main datacenter, on a storage array consisting of full disk encryption.

The benefit of paid VPS snapshots is the ability to store multiple snapshots instead of the single snapshot that is included for free. These snapshots are generated automatically on a set schedule, with multiple dated snapshots of your server available. For example, once weekly snapshots are stored for one month each which will leave you with 4 available snapshots to choose from if needing to restore your VPS from a backup.

These snapshots are stored offsite, out of the datacenter and in a nearby country. This reduces the risk of complete data loss in the event of hardware failure(s), infrastructure damage due to natural disasters or emergencies such as a datacenter fire, flooding, etc. These snapshots are stored on servers with large storage arrays that use full disk encryption to further keep your data safe.


Pricing: To Be Determined - Currently beta testing this feature.

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