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For security reasons we do not dispatch VPS root passwords via email. Please take a brief moment to set it from the VPS control panel by following this guide or add your SSH key to your server using this guide instead.


Step 1: Login to your VPS control panel here: - Your credentials are the same as what you use on  (If login fails, please open a ticket. There is a rare issue with the passwords not syncing between the two separate systems that we sometimes have to manually fix)

Step 2: If you have multiple servers, select the appropriate one from the list.

Step 3: Select, "Settings" and then go to, "Change Password". Select a strong password, preferably using a strong and randomized password generator (We suggest ) and click "Change Password".

Step 4: You must STOP and then START your VPS from the control panel. Do not restart the VPS. Click the "Stop" icon. Wait up to a few minutes for the action to process, then click the, "Start" icon. Please allow a few minutes for each task to process as they're queued and may not be completed instantly.

Step 5: Login to your VPS with your new root password!

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