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For security reasons we do not dispatch VPS root passwords via email. When you order your IncogNET VPS, you will have the option to choose your own password. In the event you misplace or lose this password, you can easily reset it from your VPS control panel. IncogNET staff will not perform this function for you.


Step 1: Login to your VPS control panel here: ( )

Step 2: If you have multiple servers, select the appropriate one from the list. If you have just one, do as what is shown below.

Step 3: Select, "Settings" and then go to, "Change Password" as shown below. Select a strong password, preferably using a strong and randomized password generator (We suggest ) and click "Change Password".


Step 4: You must STOP and then START your VPS from the control panel. Do not restart the VPS, click the "Stop" icon. Wait up to a few minutes for the action to process, then click the, "Start" icon. Please allow a few minutes for each task to process as they're queued and may not be completed instantly.

Step 5: Login to your VPS with your new root password!

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