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Every IncogNET anonymous domain name order also includes optional free and basic web, dns and email hosting. While most customers opt to offload their DNS to 3rd party DNS hosts (such as Cloudflare, Hurricane Electric, etc) some do prefer to keep things in-house and using the default placeholder nameservers.
While we are actively working on a sophisticated and proper DNS hosting solution for our growing number of domain name customers, we have in the mean time made it easier for you to enjoy some basic domain related addons, completely free of charge!
This includes very basic web and email hosting, perfect for a static and low traffic website or the need to host a low volume "you@your-domain" style email. Meanwhile, you can use the DNS manager to manage the DNS records for your domain name purchase.
Previously, you had to contact our support department and request this be added to your account. It was a manual process, and often caused large backlogs in our ticket queue as it's a very common request we get multiple times daily. Now, you can initiate the setup yourself! (As of March 4th, 2024!)

How to activate your free basic web, dns, and email hosting.

Step 1: Either order a domain name, or already have an ACTIVE domain in your account. This is an absolute requirement.

Chances are, you've already ordered a IncogNET anonymous domain name. But in case you haven't done so already, you can find your perfect domain name here:
Having an active domain name in your account is an absolute requirement as this free service is only for IncogNET customers with active domains that are using our nameservers.

Step 2: Click, "Activate Free Hosting" from your active domain service page.

You can view your currently active domain names in your domain service page located here:
Once there, all you have to do is click the "Activate Free Hosting" button in the menu. You should be able to easily find this.
Free web hosting anonymous domains

Step 3: Now, select what domain name you want to use for your basic free web, dns and email hosting.

By default the order form will show three options. "Register A New Domain", "Transfer A Domain", or "Use Existing Domain". You will choose, "Use Existing Domain"

anonymous domain free hosting

Step 4: Complete the checkout process, and be patient!

You're pretty much done now. All you have to do is complete the order process (checkout is free). All requests are reviewed and processed manually, just like the domain name purchasing process, so please be patient and do not open a ticket if it's been less than 24 hours. We'll process free web hosting requests as we process the domain name orders, which is typically done twice daily. You'll receive an email with more details once this has been completed for you.

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