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By default, all VPS orders come with 1 IPv4 Address ( /32 block ) with options to upgrade to a /27 if needed (32 IP Addresses). It may be possible to do larger assignments if needed, just contact our sales department to initiate a conversation so we can determine if your needs are justified use.

Please note that we have a finite number of IP addresses and due to IPv4 depletion we may be unable to accommodate some requests.

IPv4 Subnet Size Number of IPs Price Per Month Price Per IP*
Price Per Year
/32 1 IPv4 N/A (Included) FREE N/A (Included)
/31 2 IPv4 $2.50/mo $2.50/mo $25/yr (Two months free)
/30 4 IPv4 $7.50/mo $2.50/mo $75/yr (Two months free)
/29 8 IPv4 $15/mo $2.14/mo $150/yr (Two months free)
/28 16 IPv4 $30/mmo $2.00/mo $300/yr (Two months free)
/27 32 IPv4 $60/mo $1.94/mo $600/yr (Two months free)
* Price per IP is calculated by dividing the number of IP's in a subnet, minus the free/included one, by the monthly price.

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