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IncogNET takes secured offsite (encrypted) backups as part of our disaster recovery plan, but we give you the option to create and restore your own local backups in the event you have a, "Woops!" moment.


Login to your control panel. The URL varies depending on what server your shared hosting account is deployed on, but it will look like this: where "hostname" is whatever unique hostname for the server housing your account.

Your username is something randomly generated. Refer to your Service Welcome Email or your Client Area if you're unfamiliar with your username or other login details.


Once logged in and viewing your account dashboard, navigate to: Advanced Features --> Create / Restore Backups

STEP 3 (Create Backup):

You may now create a backup that contains the data as defined by the configurable options shown on the page and below. You may select any or all of the options for your backup.

Depending on the size of the backup, this may take a few minutes. You will be notified when the backup process is complete via a message in your control panel.
STEP 4 ( Restore a Backup):
Now that you've completed a backup in the previous step, we can now restore it if need be. From the same location in step 2 ( Advanced Features --> Create / Restore Backups ) you can now choose the Restore Backup link.
You'll then be able to choose the backup you wish to restore to via the dropdown menu. Once you have selected a restore point, you'll then be able to select what data you wish to restore as defined in the previous step. (Ex, restoring only email data or restoring a database but not website files.)
Once you've made your selection, simply click, "Restore".

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