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All of our Shared Web Hosting servers utilize CloudLinuxOS Pro as their base operating system. CloudLinux is a commercial Linux operating system developed for web hosting providers that offers service providers better control in how physical server resources are assigned to users. You can read more about CloudLinux at these links: Wikipedia, CloudLinux.com

Our web hosting plans define traditional resource limits like disk space and bandwidth. We also feel it's important to showcase the other limitations of the plans that most providers would hide. Because we offer an ample amount of crucial resources, and because we believe in honesty and integrity, we showcase these for all to see.

But what are they, and what do they mean? ( Read more here: https://docs.cloudlinux.com/limits/ )

Max CPU Speed:

  • This is defined as the maximum amount of one CPU core you can temporarily access.

Memory Limit:

  • This is the maximum amount of physical system memory that your account may use. Keep in mind that most system requirements for popular scripts like Wordpress, Joomla, etc only require 512MB of memory.

I/O throughput:

  • This is the speed allowance for any combined read/write operations to the disk. This is mostly important for database heavy sites.

IOPS (Operations Per Sec):

  • This is the total number of read/write operations per second. Hitting these limits is usually a result of a poorly configured application.

EP (Entry Processes):

  • This is the limit on entry processes. Usually represents max number of concurrent connections to dynamic scripts as well as things like cron jobs running simultaneously.

NPROC Limit:

  • This is the max number of processes within your LVE.

CloudLinuxOS recommended values below. Take note that our values are greater than their recommendations.

Typical Hosting Account

  • SPEED=100%
  • PMEM=512MB
  • VMEM=0
  • IO=1024KB/s
  • IOPS=1024
  • NPROC=100
  • EP=20

High End Hosting Account

  • SPEED=200%
  • PMEM=1GB
  • VMEM=0
  • IO=4096KB/s
  • IOPS=1024
  • NPROC=100
  • EP=40


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