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The provided level of DDoS protection that IncogNET provides should be considered, "Basic". While our default enabled protection should suffice for most small and medium scale attacks, it should be understood that we are limited in our ability to mitigate massive or complex attacks against your server. For this reason it may be required to utilize a 3rd party DDoS mitigation service to protect your server.

In the future we would like to offer higher levels of DDoS protection as an additional service option for those who require it.

Update: 03/06/2022:

Most attacks up to 40Gbps seem to be absorbed pretty well, with only a few cases where we have had to nullroute an IP until the attack has stopped. We may be able to offer additional filtering capabilities via a GRE tunnel to a Luxembourg based partner. This requires manual setup and availability may be limited or unavailable depending on when the request is made.

We will, in the future, offer much greater DDoS protection in the United States to compliment our free speech hosting services.

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