CloudLinux Shared Hosting now in Dallas, Texas, USA!

  • 4th December 2021
We're happy to announce that our CloudLinux Shared Hosting plans are now available in our new Dallas, Texas, USA location! These plans boast the same features as our Netherlands location, but we've now added user managed backups as well as automated offsite encrypted backups for additional peace of mind. Our new Dallas, Texas location is the ...
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TOS / AUP / Privacy Policy Update

  • 25th October 2021
Because no policies or terms have actually changed, and the only changes made were related to spelling, clarifying definitions, removing mentions of old branding, or other things that do not impact existing customers no effort outside of this notice will be made to alert anyone about this update. No new policies have been implemented, nothing ...
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Billing / Customer Portal Outage 09-24-2021

  • 24th September 2021
Our billing / support / customer portal ( was unavailable on Friday, September 24th for some time. We are awaiting an update from our service provider where we keep our portal hosted as we host it outside of our own network. The prolonged downtime was a result of the server being rebooted. Because we protect our website ...
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IMPORTANT - Notice of account migration of Luxembourg Shared Hosting customers to our new Netherlands location.

  • 12th September 2021
If you are a IncogNET (Formerly, "INCOG.HOST") customer and are utilizing our shared hosting service in Luxembourg, using the nameservers / OR / then this notice is for you. If you are a shared hosting customer with active service in the Netherlands, then you may ignore this notice as ...
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