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Scheduled: NL-02 VPS node reboot (Resolved) High

Affecting System -

  • 12/04/2021 08:00 - 12/04/2021 08:07
  • Last Updated 12/04/2021 08:04

Please be advised that we will be performing a purposeful and scheduled reboot of the NL-02 VPS node to correct an issue that was causing containers on the node to reboot unexpectedly. This scheduled rebooting of the hardware node should correct the issue, with no unexpected reboots of the virtual containers within moving forward being the desired and expected result.


  • Reboot issued at 08:00AM EST
  • Server back online at 08:04AM EST
  • All containers have come back online.

We will continue to monitor the node to ensure that the updates prevent the original issue that this maintenance period aims to correct.

NL-02 Slave Node disconnected from Master (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Other -

  • 10/09/2021 11:05
  • Last Updated 10/09/2021 11:46

The NL-02 slave node has disconnected and is not communicating with the master node at this time. We are investigating the issue and will update this shortly. All VMs on this host node are still active and online, but can not be managed through the control panel interface until this is resolved.

UPDATE: The issue is now resolved.

Total estimated time of impact: Less than 45 minutes. No downtime resulted for any customer VPS servers.

VPS Control Panel - Scheduled Maintenance (Resolved) Medium

Affecting System - VPS Control Panel

  • 09/30/2021 20:00
  • Last Updated 10/01/2021 06:40

UPDATE: Maintenance has been re-scheduled to a future date and has not yet been completed. We will re-announce when this is to be completed.

When: 09/30/2021
Duration: 2 hours~

In an effort to constantly improve our ability to serve you we are migrating our VPS Control panel ( ) to a new server. This new server will allow us to:

  • Enable Full Disk Encryption for the VPS Control Panel / VPS Master. This VPS master server communicates with all VPS slave servers and our billing portal to provision new servers in all of our locations. This is also how you access and manage your VPS from the web control panel. We are enabling Full Disk Encryption as an extra effort to protect the privacy of our customers in key areas. This prevents data from being able to be accessed in the event that a hard drive is removed from the server.
  • Enable IPv6 support for control panel access. Currently the control panel is only available over IPv4 due to a networking limitation where it is currently installed.
  • More powerful hardware will help ensure that resources are always available no matter how many concurrent tasks are in queue.
  • Additional storage means we can offer even more OS Templates.

Potential Issues:

  • After the migration is complete you may need to flush your DNS cache as you may find that the URL to the control panel does not resolve or does not resolve properly.
  • Possible SSL errors, see above.
  • Existing rDNS / PTR records may temporarily not respond properly or at all. After the migration is completed we will have to update our DNS cluster to connect to the new master server.

rDNS / PTR issues with VPS (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - DNS

  • 08/26/2021 13:00 - 08/26/2021 14:30
  • Last Updated 08/26/2021 14:28

We were alerted of an issue with our PowerDNS setup that syncs user submitted rDNS / PTR records from the Virtualizor Control Panel for VPS hostnames with our small DNS cluster. We believe the issue is now resolved.

Some users may be required to recreate their rDNS records via their control panel.

Customers using our Finland location will still need to ticket us for manual creation of their rDNS records. We own the IP's in our Netherlands location which allows us to automate the process, whereas in Finland they're leased. Shoot us a ticket and we'll be happy to get you setup.

NY01-US VPN outage (~10m) (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Other - VPN Network

  • 07/02/2021 06:00 - 07/02/2021 06:10
  • Last Updated 07/02/2021 06:19

A configuration change on our behalf temporarily made this location unavailable. The issue was reported immediately via automatic alerting. The issue was found, corrected and resolved in about 10 minutes of time. During this time this VPN location/node was unavailable. Service has returned to normal now.

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